Employers have a duty of care and must prevent accidents resulting from drug use. Rapid saliva tests provide greater safety without violating employees' privacy.

According to studies, 7 percent of Germans of working age use illegal drugs - across all strata of the population. No matter whether it is the illegal drug hashish, the legal drug alcohol or performance-enhancing drugs - influencing perception and behaviour can lead to accidents at work. In case of doubt, these are not insured. According to the regulations of the German statutory accident insurance, the employer is responsible for ensuring that employees do not endanger themselves or others. He must therefore prevent work under the influence of drugs.

But how to recognise? Objective evidence is better than suspicion. With a company agreement and the consent of the employees, an employer can carry out drug tests. Urine tests are not really practical. The better alternative is rapid saliva tests, which have been tried and tested by the police. The hygienic DrugWipe test from Securetec is very easy to use and evaluate: If drug is detectable in saliva, a red test line appears. This is visible after only three minutes in the case of strongly positive samples, otherwise after 8 minutes at the latest. A further advantage: only current consumption is recorded - what employees consume in their free time remains private.

Security officers who wish to fulfil their duty of care with regard to the risk of accidents caused by drug use should contact Securetec Detektions-Systeme AG. The leading manufacturer provides information about testing possibilities and their integration into everyday operations. Securetec also offers training in the detection of alcohol and drug consumption and in the development of individual prevention program www.securetec.net.