When you think of load securing, you quickly think of the large, heavy trucks on the road and less of the small suitcase or spare wheels in the car. But Matthias K├Ânig says it is a mistake to think that there is no danger from this. He is product manager at the Allsafe Group, which is an expert in load securing in all areas.

You deal with occupational safety and health protection in all types of transport - whether it be works transport or field service. How does allsafe cover such a wide range of topics?

allsafe develops and manufactures its own solutions for securing objects in vehicles. And in such a way that it is done quickly - normally this is an annoying duty, but especially when it comes to traffic between plants or on the plant premises, fast loading and unloading times are essential. And because the products are not yet finished, they are often difficult or very difficult to secure. We have solutions for exactly this - they are well accepted by users and therefore also used. So occupational safety and process quality go hand in hand.

And what does this have to do with the field service? After all, cars and station wagons are more likely to be used here.

That's right! They don't drive heavy objects either, but they drive much faster. Anyone who has ever experienced how painful CD cases can be when they are hit by a car braking at 130 km/h or more knows what we mean. Or take the winter wheels: the car dealer often delivers the new leasing car with a set of winter wheels in the boot, which are at best poorly secured. Let something happen on the way home or to the tyre hotel. Here another very important issue comes into play: who is liable if something flies around due to a badly secured load? The fleet manager or entrepreneur is quickly in the spotlight if he cannot prove that he has provided the appropriate securing material and regularly instructs his drivers in its use. We offer both the hardware, i.e. special tensioning belts and nets for cars, and the software: a specially developed training platform on the Internet that creates legal security in companies and helps employees to meet compliance requirements.

But you have a thick catalogue of parts if you really have products in your range for all industries and applications, don't you?

It works - because we mainly have customer-specific solutions. First of all, we try to understand our customers' transport or security needs. Since our systems are modular, we can compose very individual solutions from inexpensive standard components, which are already available in small quantities and with a delivery time of only a few days. And because of the standardization of the components they are also not expensive.